Four Reasons To Choose An Advantech Data Acquisition Starter Kit

Posted by Lynette Andersen on May 5, 2016 10:30:00 AM


Advantech’s Data Acquisition Starter Kits can help you easily create the DAQ system specific to     your application needs. All starter kits are based on Advantech’s leading industrial computing 
technology and include our most popular Data Acquisition components and software ensuring 
quick development for test, measurement, and other applications.

Here are the top four reasons you should choose an Advantech DAQ Starter Kit:



1. Customizable DAQ Systems to Meet Application Specific Needs

All Advantech’s DAQ Starter Kits are ready to go out of the box which will save you time and money. Each DAQ Starter kit includes an industrial chassis, multifunction DAQ card, pre-loaded Advantech DAQNavi data acquisition software, wiring board and cables. You can select from multiple CPU, RAM, HDD, and OS options to customize the system based on your specific needs.

2. Open Systems for Easy Integration

Advantech’s DAQ Starter Kits are open system which makes integration a breeze. Open systems allow users to mix and match components from different suppliers, with the assurance they will work well together. You will find that our open systems are much simpler to set up, configure and maintain than closed and/or proprietary systems.

3. Easy to Use Pre-loaded Data Acquisition Software

DAQNavi, Advantech's next-generation driver package, comes pre-installed on all Advantech DAQ Starter Kits. This data acquisition software package delivers higher performance, compatibility and reliability through a brand new driver and SDK. In addition, programmers can benefit from shortened development time with many new user-friendly templates. Click here to learn more about Advantech’s DAQNavi data acquisition software.

4. LabVIEW Ready

LabVIEW programmers can easily build DAQ applications using DAQNavi Assistant and Polymorphic VI. DAQNavi Assistant, based on LabVIEW Express VI technology, provides an intuitive wizard window to complete configuration programming quickly. DAQNavi Polymorphic
VI delivers more programming flexibility to experienced LabVIEW programmers.


Configure Your DAQ Starter Kit


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