A New Generation of Wider Temperature Isolated EMC Level Four Serial Device Servers

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Apr 1, 2015 9:14:00 AM

EKI-1500Advantech's EKI-15xx Ethernet Serial Device Servers has been designed for the latest applications while also able to control legacy systems.  With their wide operating temperature range, level four EMC isolation protection, IP6 and IP4 dual stack support, and port buffering support, these servers are ideal for remote harsh environments.

EMC level four protection ensures that the devices can withstand higher ESD, EFT, and surge spikes than the competition.  The EKI-15xx series also includes isolation protection which limits any damage to a specific device rather than spreading throughout the network.  This extra level of protection prevents damage occuring to the network's devices and is an essential requirement for remote locations.

To further aid operation in harsh environments, some models feature wide operating temperature range of -40c to 70C.  This enhanced temperature range helps in locations wihc are also short of space and don't have room for dedicate climate controlled cabinets.   This feature also saves users money in both purchasing and total operating costs.

In the event of an accident with the Ethernet network, the EKI-15xx sereis are equipped with port buffering support to store up to 16KB for data for when the connection is restored.  Once the connection has been reestablished, the data will automatically send without the need for user intervention.

IP4 addresses ran out in 2013 and IP6 addresses were assigned.  However, many organizations still use legacy IP4, which can cause issues when upgrading hardware.  The EKI-15xx series is one of the few device servers that allow users to use both IP4 and IP6 addresses wihout any change to the software.


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