Advantech Expands its Industrial Managed Switch Offerings

Posted by Kari Grosser on Sep 6, 2017 10:15:00 AM

EKI-9000.jpgAdvantech's IIoT Automation Group has expanded its industrial managed switch product offering with the introduction of the EKI-9600 series. The EKI-9600 series are L3 managed Gigabit switches that support static routing and network address translation (NAT) features, enabling an easier and faster setup for network backbones at a lowest cost.

"As connectivity demands continue to grow in the IoT era, constructing a robust network architecture has become a complex task for information and operations technology professionals," says Frank Tseng, Product Manager at Advantech, "The new EKI-9000 series switch is designed to address the issue of growing network bandwidth requirements head-on by providing mission-critical capabilities to help users build proper network segmentation to achieve better network performance at a lower cost."

With the support of static routing, the EKI-9600 series can provide routing between different segmented networks, which not only helps prevent network traffic over-flooding but also maximizes the performance of each network. In addition, with NAT capability, users can better manage their IP resources, increase IP management efficiency and further ensure network security.

The EKI-9600 series consists for two models, the EKI-9612G and the EKI-9628G. The EKI-9612G is a DIN-rail L3 managed switch that comes with eight Gigabit ports and four SFP (mini-GBIC) ports and four Gigabit combo ports. Both models are equipped with Advantech's Gigabit X-Ring Pro redundancy technology, which offers an ultra-high speed recovery time of less than 20 ms, thus ensuring network stability.

"Advantech is devoted to providing our customers with a wide array of industrial communication and networking product solutions to harness the power of industrial IoT. We are delighted to expand our product offerings with the introduction of Advantech's EKI-9600 series of L3 managed switches to reinforce our mission to provide secure and efficient industrial communication networks," said Alpha Chen, Advantech's Vice President of the iConnectivity Group.

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