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Posted by Kari Grosser on Jun 8, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Advantech is dedicated in its efforts to provide the most stable, intelligent transportation systems to cities around the world. We are specialized in the technical know-how and equipped with the domains to build transportation systems on the basis of discrepant needs of various applications. With decades of experiences, our product offerings toward the market of transportation have been more well-founded and completed now. Advantech is and will always be by your side, continuously delivering total solution packages to our partners and customers around the world.

Wayside Control


ITA-2000 Series, managed redundant Ethernet switches, are designed and functioned as front-end wayside controllers. Due to compliance with EN 50121-4, ITA-2000 series are the most suitable offerings in terms of wayside controllers for various systems including centralized traffic control (CTC), Automatic Train Control (ATC) and others. With EN 50121-4 compliance and development of rock solid Advantech systems and platforms, applications in wayside control are precisely monitored, delivering a more secure railway operating environment.

Wayside Controller Offerings:

  • Fully Compliant with EN 50121-4

  • Wide Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 70 degrees Celsius

  • Support Easy-Swap Power Module

  • A Rich I/O Connectivity of Serial Connection and Ethernet

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Rolling Stock System


ITA-5000 Series, managed redundant Ethernet swtiches, are Advantech's product offerings that specifically cater to rolling stock's application including passenger information system, broadcasting system, surveillance system and so on. All ITA-5000 Series have met the requirement of EN 50155 and have employed M12 connectors to enhance shock and vibration resistance as railway is operating. ITS-5000 Series and EKI (Ethernet switch) provide the best solution in rolling stock system.

Rolling Stock System Offerings:

  • Fully compliant with EN 50155 EN 45525

  • Temperature standard: EN 50155 TX (-40 ~ 70 degrees Celsius)

  • Compliant with EN 50121-3-2 EMC test standard

  • Ruggedized M12 Connectors

  • DC 24V/ 48V/ 72V/ 100V Input

  • Support Easy-swap HDD/SDD/CF module

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