Advantech Shows Rapid Market Growth

Posted by Kari Grosser on Jul 28, 2018 11:00:00 AM


Advantech is proud to announce that the leading research company, IHS Markit, has ranked Advantech as the 7th largest global supplier of industrial communication solutions.

Attributed largely to increased demand for products designed for IT initiatives and generalized industrial growth in Asia, the 2018 IHS Markit Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Components reports “The world market in 2015 is estimated to have been $1.56 billion and grew 18.1% to 1.85 billion in 2016”.  In 2017, revenues are forecasted to grow by 18.8% overall and from 2016 to 2021, the revenues are forecasted to grow 19.3%.

Anticipating this increase in demand for IoT applications such as iFactory and Intelligent Transportation Systems, Advantech invested in developing layer 2 and layer 3 Industrial Ethernet switches specifically designed to improve interoperability, decrease development time, and ease integration issues.

Overall, Advantech leverages over 20 years of industry experience in developing resilient industrial communication solutions for mission-critical applications.  These solutions include both wired and wireless communication solutions, industrial unmanaged switches, fieldbus gateways, wireless APs/clients, media converters, serial device servers, cellular IP gateways, and Modbus gateways.  Together, Advantech network communications products work to deliver a reliable secure network capable of transmitting critical and sensitive information, remotely monitoring and controlling networked devices and delivering advanced communication capabilities for smart industrial applications.

According to Linda Tsai, President of Industrial IoT Group, “In the age of Internet of Things (IoT), the trend industrial communication is for all devices, equipment, and machines to be able to intelligently connect and communicate with each other.  Rather than accept the closed industrial networks of the past, IoT demands products that work in an open network, advancing integration across the enterprise.  Starting at the edge of the network, our product and solutions development teams will continue to advance products that are scalable, increase productivity, and deliver efficiency in network performance for our customers.


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