Advantech's Wide Range of Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

Posted by Kari Grosser on Jan 9, 2019 9:55:00 AM

Advantech leverages over 20 years of industry experience to develop industrial communication products that provide reliable wired and wireless communication solutions (LTE, Mesh, LoRa, and WLAN) for mission-critical applications. These products include:

  • Industrial Ethernet switches
  • Wireless access points/clients
  • Serial device servers
  • Modbus
  • Industrial Fieldbus gateways
  • Media converters
  • Cellular IP gateways
  • Gateways

They are capable of securely transmitting critical and sensitive information, remotely monitoring and controlling networked devices and delivering advanced communication capabilities for industrial applications. 



Carrier Certified LTE Gateways

p01-sl30x p02-sr30 p03-st35
SL30x Series SR30x Series ST35x Series
SmartStart Routers & Gateways SmartFlex Routers & Gateways SmartMotion Routers & Gateways

Wireless Sensing Platforms

p04 p05
Wzzard Mesh Platform Wzzard LRPv
Wireless Mesh I/O Sensors - Intelligent Sensing Platform Wireless LoRa I/O Sensors - Intelligent Sensing Platform

Intelligent Gateways

SmartSwarm 351 Asset Integration Gateway
Integrate data from legacy Modbus systems, devices and sensors for industrial IoT applications

Fully Managed Ethernet Switches

p-07 p-08
EKI-7428G-4CI EKI-7700 Series
Industrial Rackmount Managed Switch Industrial Managed Switches

Unmanaged Switches

EKI-5000 Series
Unmanaged Switches

Media Converters

p10 p11
EKI-2741 / EKI-2541 Series MiniMc
Media Converters Miniature Media Converters

Industrial Media Converter

PoE 857-11811 & PoE+ 857-11911
PoE & PoE+ GIga-MiniMc/LFPT

Network Management System

p13 p14 p15
WebAccess/NMS WebAccess/DMP R-SEENETâ„¢
Network Management System WebAccess/DMP Monitoring & Management Software


Advantech's Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

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