AI Deep Learning GPU Solutions

Posted by Kari Grosser on Nov 7, 2018 9:35:00 AM


The SKY-6000 GPU server series are powered by dual Intel® Xeon® scalable processors and each of these highly scalable GPU-optimized servers support up to 5 NVIDIA® Tesla® P4 GPUs. Featuring an IPMI management function and smart fan control for better environment temperature control and thermal management. Wherein every GPU pair includes one Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCIe) slot for high-speed interconnect, which maximizes the acceleration of highly parallel applications like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, self-driving cars, smart cities, health care, big data, high performance computing (HPC), virtual reality and more. 

Full Range of Deep Learning GPU Server Solutions

sky6100 sky-6200 sky-6400
SKY-6100 SKY-6200 SKY-6400
1U 5 GPU Powerful Server 2U 4 GPU Professional Server 4U 4 GPU Performance Server


sky 6000 feature 1 sky 6000 feature 2 sky 6000 feature 3
Airflow Management Optimized for AI Solutions High Performance
The SKY-6000 series features great thermal management, which controls the temperature in order to achieve optimum temperature The full range of AI Deep Learning GPU Server solutions, providing from backend storage, training servers to front end interference systems Support up to 5 NVIDIA® Tesla® P4 GPUs in 1U Rackmount Server (SKY-6100). Featuring with Redundant Platinum Level Power Supplies for high-efficiency computing


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