Augmented-Reality Helmets Come Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Movie

Posted by Kari Grosser on Jul 16, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Augmented_Reailty_Helmets_Blog.jpgNext level Augmented Reality has arrived shaping the future of Factory 4.0 and Augmented Factory Reality! The DAQRI Smart Helmet, one of the most powerful augmented reality devices for industrial environments, could come straight out of Marvel's Iron Man sci-fi movie, but instead this helmet is real. The Daqri Smart Helmet gives engineers additional layers of information about their Industrial surroundings, enabling them to see an augmented reality in the factory floor. DAQRI (or Daqri) is an American augmented reality company, headquartered in Los Angeles.

The company's real star product is an augmented reality wearable tech Smart Helmet designed for the industrial industry. Setting a new standard for industrial, professional-grade wearable, DAQRI Smart Helmet realized the true potential of augmented reality and 4D in the enterprise space. The helmet was specifically created for engineers in industrial settings intended to increase productivity, efficiency and safety. The helmet gives 4D work instructions to the workforce. It will be easier to understand processes quicker, less time will be spent on each step in the process and there will be spent on each step in the process and there will be fewer mistakes. Futhermore thermal vision provides users of the helmet the 'ability to see or passively record temperature data in real world environment. Benefits will be the ability to identify unsafe work conditions. The DAQRI Smart Helmet also enables quick access in real time to an expert to get help they need to optimize reliability and operational excellence.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich showed DAQRI Smart Helmet at the CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show) In Las Vegas. The helmet contains a sixth-generation Intel Core n7 processor, a sophisticated sensing technology, and an array of cameras that together capture 360-degree views. A computing program within the camera called Intellitrack captures, processes and displays information about the user's surroundings and environments, which in practice means you get something close to X-ray vision on the job site. Intel's contribution takes the form of an M7 chip and a RealSense camera. The real star, though, is the helmet itself, which shows that augmented reality has its most useful real-life applications not in video games and content distribution. but in bringing a touch of the future (and with it, convenience, safety, and smarts) to the everyday workplace. 

Industrial engineers that need to keep their hands free to work would benefit from having computer-generated technical information in front of their eyes. Remember Google Glass? Google Glass may just have been ahead of its time. Smart glasses are a piratical way for enterprises to give employees access to data or essential job-related information without the need for a smartphone or tablet. It is estimated that there would be more than 12 million shipments of smart glasses by 2020, with Microsoft's HoloLens predicted to be a leader. 

As it turns out, something wonderful, or at least terrifically useful and cool is happening with the DAQRI Smart Helmet. Augmented reality is one of the most exciting technologies around with various factory applications. If you have watched some of those modern Hollywood sci-fi movies, you have probably seen how our world would look like 20-30 years from now. Augmented reality is shaping the future of Factory 4.0 and thanks to the augmented reality of DAQRI Smart Helmet engineers experience the industrial future today.

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