Automated Optical Inspection - An Example of the PCB Solder Detection Solution

Posted by Kari Grosser on Aug 17, 2017 11:10:00 AM


Printed circuit boards (PCB) must be laden with more components than ever before, making automatic optical inspection technology even more important. From 2-D to 3-D inspection, the present technology is able to effectively detect the mounting of components and their soldering quality and position. In order to enhance detection efficiency, this case uses Advantech's motion control technology - SoftMotion works with other brand image acquisition cards and inspection software to accomplish the goal of high-speed solder inspection.

System Requirements

The former image inspection used to adopt a non-continuous acquisition method. Therefore, the continuous high-speed acquisition and inspection become the critical factor to improve the inspection efficiency; meanwhile, one of the reasons to determine the performance is whether the motion control card matches with the image acquisition card or not. In addition, by using image acquisition of multiple CCDs as the sources of 3D detection, the selection of light sources and the control of exposure time decide the acquisition speed and image quality. With a quad-core processor, the industrial computer provides a stable and trustworthy computing platform to shorten the image recognition time. The following items show the needs of this project.

  • Requiring a quad-core processor or more advanced processor uses in industrial computers to meet the high-speed operation and shorten the image recognition cycle
  • The motion control has the Table Compare and Interval Compare features as well as supporting the trigger signal
  • Supports the sync start/stop (STA/STP) function
  • The inspection part has to work with 3rd party image and inspection

Project Implementation

On the basis of the above-mentioned customer's needs, Advantech suggests the motion control solution as below:

 IPC-610-H  4U Rackmount Chassis with Visual & Audible Alarm Notification
 PCA-6011  LGA775 Intel Core 2 Quad SBC with VGA/Dual GbE LAN
 PCI-1265  6-axis Stepping/Servo Control Universal PCI Card
 PCI-1750  32-ch Isolated Digital I/O and 1-ch Counter PCI Card
 3rd Party Image Recognition Software  Supports Image Alignment. Match and Measure Technologies
 3rd Party Vision Card  Image Capture Card

System Diagram

 Automated Optical Inspection.jpg


System Description

Advantech's industrial PC with a quad-core processor offers the best performance and stability as well as providing an excellent platform for the integration of image and motion to meet our customer needs. The six-axis motion control card with SoftMotion technology not only has the customized function in response to customer's special mechanism but also provides the features of high-speed position comparison and trigger signal output to continuously trigger image capture of other brand's image acquisition card as well as immediately utilizing those data stopping the motion.


Advantech provides the dedicated motion control technology for automatic optical inspection and can integrate any brand's products, regardless of whether it is acquisition cards or standard digital interface (such as GigE). Because Advantech's motion control technology is based on SoftMotion architecture, it can provide the customized services for the needs of axis control to enable the cooperation of mechanism and control to achieve the best performance. Advantech's robust industrial computer system not only is a secure and reliable platform, its latest multi-core technology can benefit the multi-tasking data processing and image analysis to provide the accurate computing results. Furthermore, the backplane with high expandability can support a variety of communication interface as well as seamlessly integrating the various control cards, data IPC-610-H 4U Rackmount Chassis with Visual & Audible Alarm Notification acquisition cards and image cards.


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