Built-In Reliability for Embedded and IoT Solutions

Posted by Kari Grosser on Aug 17, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Intel_Embedded_and_IoT_Solutiosn.jpgData is vital when it comes to extracting the value of embedded and IoT solutions. Intel SSDs reliably capture, store and manage data to accelerate decision-making. Enhanced security and manageability features provide an additional level of protection for IoT data. Available in densities ranging from 80GB to 180GB, the Intel SSD offers a low power solution with excellent durability, lasting integrity, performance and security features across a variety of applications and meets the rigorous conditions for IoT. With server grade SSD warranty and a MTBF of 1.6 million hours, Intel's SSD helps optimize the value your data holds and enhances 24/7 operation capability.

POS System

Intel_Story.jpgPOS systems often freeze up when cashiers log in to the system for billing. This issue is often caused by low Input Output operations Per Second (IOPS) in the storage. SSD offer 100 times more IOPS performance over traditional HDD. With the added performance of SDD, POS can easily overcome system freeze issues and speed up the billing process, which in turn reduces customer waiting times and increases customer satisfaction.

Highway Tolls

POS_System.jpgCustomers using HDD-equipped industrial PCs in toll booths often experience storage crashes after a year. Checking through SMART data, it was found that high G-sense error rates, caused by external shock & vibration were the main causes, despite the system being placed in the booths where no direct shock impact was present. However, it is now known that HDD may still be affected by small frequent vibrations occurring when vehicles pass by. HSS contains a motor-driven spindle that holds one or more platters to store data. These are easily affected by shock or small vibrations which may affect HDD performance efficiency, data loss, and in worst cases, damaged HDDs. Unlike HDDs that are sensitive to vibrations, SSD have no moving parts, use integrated memory circuits and are proven to stand up to shock and vibration.

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