Cloud-enabled Remote Equipment Monitoring for Water and Wastewater Management

Posted by Kari Grosser on Dec 19, 2017 10:30:00 AM

From dam, water treatment, water distribution and transmission to the factories and the communities, Advantech provides a total solution with centralized and distributed architecture for real-time and reliable systems needed to monitor and control the water supply procedure.

Why Advantech for Water/Wasterwater Management?

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Professional Remote Management Device Provider Latest Device-to-Cloud Technology and Offerings MQTT & Node-Red Global Presence, Local Touch Convenient Service

Water Management Product Offering

Cloud-enabled Wireless Data Acquisition and Communication

item1-1.jpg  item1-3.jpg       item1-2.jpg    item1-4.jpg  
WISE-4000 Series ADAM-3600 Series ECU-1000 Series EKI-6300 Series


Wired Remote Data Acquisition and Control System

item2-1.jpg item2-2.jpg item2-3.jpg item2-4.jpg
ADAM-6000/6200 Series ADAM-5000 Series APAX-5000 Series EKI-2000 Series


Industrial Platforms

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Advantech WebAccess UNO-1000 Series HPC-7000 Series TPC-1000 Series



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