Dashboard-Enabled Data Visualization for Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Posted by Kari Grosser on Feb 16, 2018 10:20:00 AM


Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) refers to the percentage of planned production time that is truly productive. Most factories have an OEE score of only 60%, which indicates substantial room for improvement.

With visualized data, machine availability can be monitored and machine downtime managed to improve operational efficiency. Advantech's OEE solution optimizes operations by enabling data visualization for convenient real-time machine monitoring and supporting multi-platform data access for remote management and improved efficiency to increase manufacturing productivity. 

Significant OEE Indicators - Availability and Line Balance Rate

Availability Line Balance Rate
  • Measures the duration of planned and unplanned interruptions (caused by equipment failures or material shortages)
  • Optimizing availability reduces machine downtime for increased productivity
  • Indicated how equalized operation time is among workers for a giver process or production line
  • By monitoring the line balance rate, production fluctuations can be minimized for improved efficiency
OEE Indicator Availability.jpg OEE Indicator Line Balance Rate.jpg

Advantech's OEE Solution Enhances Factory Automation

Real-Time Machine Monitoring for Rapid Response

Real-time monitoring of machine status allows operators to address any issue immediately and to have quick response toward status changes in machines.

Dashboard-Enabled Visualization for Convenient Review

Dashboard-enabled data visualization allows users to review machine performance and output manufacturing reports to optimize operational efficiency.

Cross-Platform Support for Enhancing Mobility

The provision of multi-platform support allows staff to use mobile devices and visualization dashboards to view real-time production data and monitor machines from various on-site locations. 

Solution Architecture 

SRP-FPV220 solution architecture.jpg

Advantech's Solution Offerings - SRP-FPV220

webaccess scada-1.jpg uno-2483G-434AE.jpg wise-4012-1.jpg
WebAccess/SCADA UNO-2483G-434AE WISE-4012-AE
Pre-installed WebAccess/SCADA Prom/Runtime software with 1500 tags Embedded automation computer with Intel® Core™ i3/Celeron® processor, 8 GB RAM, 128 GSSD, and Microsoft Windows® Embedded 7 Pro Wireless IoT I/O module with 4 x universal inputs and 2x digital outputs


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