Distributed Control System with EtherCAT Remote I/O Modules

Posted by Kari Grosser on Sep 28, 2017 10:45:00 AM


Advantech's AMAX-4800 series industrial control system includes all the equipment you need to operate production line machinery. Our EtherCat slave modules communicate with your production line via EtherCAT protocol. The AMAX-4800 features compact size and an integrated DIN rail mount kit for easy installation. Plug-and-play terminal blocks and LED indicators enable simple setup and maintenance. All modules are protected by an isolation circuit for demanding industrial applications.

Main Features

Compact Size

  • High density channel count in a compact design helps increase space utilization ratio.
  • DIN-rail mounting kit ensures easy installation in cabinets.

Easy to Maintain

  • LED Indicators, rotary switch and terminal blocks are all front access. User can read module status and connect wires easily. User can read module status and connect wires easily.
  • Pluggable terminal blocks simplify maintenance and save time.

Good Expandability

  • Maximum distance between two modules can be 100 meters.
  • Two rotary switches for up to 256 slave IDs.
  • Max I/O channels no longer limited by PCI or PCIe slots.
  • Supports various typologies including line, star, tree and daisy chain,
  • Smooth migration path from legacy fieldbus to EtherCAT


  • EtherCAT node can measure time difference between leaving and returning frame.
  • With distributed clocks, EtherCAT can realize a precise synchronization time of <1us between each slave module.

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