DNA of IoT I/O Sensing Deivces - WISE-4000 Series

Posted by Kari Grosser on Mar 1, 2017 10:15:00 AM

WISE-4051-1.jpgAdvantech's new generation of remote I/O devices bring an IT oriented spirit to the market. With the advanced concepts of data A-P-P, Data Acquisition, Data Processing to Data Publishing, fulfilling mobile monitoring and controlling needs under an IoT framework.

When acquiring the data, Advantech's WISE-4000 series offer high compatibility with sensors in the market in different format with I/O channel types and amounts. Broad adoptability has made WISE a reliable source of big data which benefits users in identifying their next steps and which action to take. With intelligent processing and publishing features, the time it takes to generate insightful reports can be minimized or even avoided.

DNA 1: Data Acquisition

Highly Compatible: High compatibility with sensors in different formats and with different I/O channel types and amounts

Robust Protection: The wide operating temperature with isolation protection ensures it can be deployed in even more environments

Easy Installation: New industrial design for quick hardware installation and new interface for module configuration

DNA 2: Data Processing

Data Logging: Data can be logged on WISE-4000 modules with a time stamp for up to 10,000 samples

Data Conditioning: Built-in local intelligence includes filtering, scaling and several other logic rules

Web Configuration: With a HTML web server, all the modules can be accessed for configuration and troubleshooting from any device with a browser

DNA 3: Data Publishing

Cloud Access: WISE-4000 can transmit the data to the cloud without using a gateway

RESTful Web Service: With RESTful web service, the I/O module can seamlessly integrate with the IT system

Direct Access: Mobile devices can connect to WISE modules via Wi-Fi, without needing any other devices in between


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