Enabling Enterprise Cloud Energy Management for a Greener Earth

Posted by Kari Grosser on Jan 5, 2017 10:15:00 AM

Many of the world's big companies are actively engaged in energy conservation and carbon reduction efforts not only to reduce business operation costs but also to fulfill social responsibility. By doing so, they are building a respectable corporate image as well as promoting their company's "green competitiveness" which is becoming ever more important global trade. Among these efforts, building energy conservation is critical. However, most building energy management software is designed for HVAC professionals and is difficult for managerial staff engaged in administration. finance and general affairs to read and understand and offer energy use improvement opinions from their respective points of view. Advantech BEMS 2.0 provides a platform for building energy management systems with easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces to help managers who do not have engineering backgrounds to easily understand their company's energy use, with a few simple clicks.

Project Introduction

Advantech Building Energy Management System (BEMS) provide solutions of hardware and software products needed to construct a highly integrated energy management system, including digital power meters, intelligent data acquisition gateways, industrial computers, energy management system software suites (WebAccess/BEMS), SQL, servers, etc.

Application Scenarios

Single buildings: commercial buildings/hospitals/hotels/commercial and offer complexes

Building Groups

  • Chain stores/furniture stores/shoe stores/supermarkets/convenience stores/restaurants/bookstores

  • Financial group/shopping malls/school campus/telecommunication rooms

Typical Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

Advantech BEMS provides various energy monitoring solutions to cope with different building energy management requirements. Among these solutions, cross-area energy monitoring software, energy data gateways and power meters are used to help improve overall energy use efficiency, which function in the following ways:

  • The corporate group or business chain installs energy data gateway(s) in each of their buildings to form separate energy data acquisition centers which forward acquired data via corporate or public network to the WA+BEMS system at the corporation's central energy data management center where administrators obtain energy consumption information quickly via simple and intuitive operations.

  • The energy data gateways transfer communication protocols and forward data acquired from measuring devices to the upper layer databases at the energy management center over TCP/IP. The data gateways will replicate and save data on a CompactFlash card and will automatically recover data after a network breaks to ensure continuous and highly-available data stream processing.

  • Each data gateway in a building data acquisition center can connect up to 64 water, power or gas meters.


WebAccess/BEMS Software Features

  • Entirely web-based browser incorporating WebGIS to help proprietors easily pin the location of their building(s) and implement remote management over the energy use of their building groups cross a vast area.

  • Feature-rich reports and diagrams with default and customized formats to allow users to present energy consumption data of concern - such as energy costs and other analyzed results - in dynamic and straightforward ways of text, diagrams, graphic dashboards and images.

  • With an overview of features to present energy consumption of data of each and all of the buildings to allow users to understand real time energy consumption status; indicators and trend analyses are provided as references.

  • Presentation of monitored building energy consumption data and by item, such as power, water, gas, cooling energy and thermal energy; both real time information and historical trends and provided.



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