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Posted by Kari Grosser on Feb 14, 2018 10:20:00 AM

Introducing the SRP-FPV220 Solution for MES Integration & Production Optimization

This Solution Ready Platform allows users to easily collect data from shop-floor devices via multiple communications such as Modbus, OPC UA and MQTT and automatically generates Excel reports of production activities. A 100% web-based dashboard allows users to view visual production information such as yield rate trends, equipment utilization or downtime alarms, available anytime on any mobile device supporting HTML5 browsers. Valuable information about field equipment, energy consumption and the environment can also be integrated within the MES system via open interfaces including SQL database and RESTful/SignalR API's to help optimize production planning and provide efficiency analysis improvements.

Software Architecture and Key Design Features

SRP-FPV220 software architecture and key design features.jpg

Dashboard Design Features

HTML5 Dashboard

  • HTML5-based for any modern browser
  • Trends/Bars/Alarm summary/Map widgets
  • Widget builder for customized dashboard
  • Supports up to 1024 clients

Video Surveillance

  • Embedded video from IP cameras into Web page
  • Support motion detection with WebAccess/IVS Software

Automated Excel Report

  • Import self-defined Excel template
  • Automatically generate on-demand or daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report
  • Accessible via web browser


  • Active alarm message
  • Email/SMS notification
  • Alarm History
  • Prompt alarm on screen

System Block Diagram

SRP-FPV220 System Block Diagram.jpg

Key Features

Shop-floor Information Visualization

Collect equipment and environmental data from wireless shop-floor devices and automatically generate Excel charts & report/dashboard of production activities.

Mobility of Production Monitoring with Dashboard

The HTML5-based dashboard allows users to view real-time production information such as yield rate trends, equipment utilization and downtime alarms on any mobile device.

Easily Integrated with MES System by open API

Valuable information of field equipment and the environment can be integrated with MES via open interfaces to optimize production plan and efficiency analysis.

Solution-Ready-Platform Package

WebAccess/SCADA Runtime Software UNO-2483G-434AE WISE-4012-AE
Preinstalled WebAccess/SCADA Pro. Runtime 150 tags. Intel® Core™ i3 Regular-Size Automation Computer, 8GN RAM, 128G SSD, Microsoft® Windows Embedded 7 Pro. 4-channel Input and 2-channel Digital Output IoT Wireless I/O Module.
webaccess scada-1.jpg uno-2483G-434AE.jpg  wise-4012-1.jpg


Download the SRP-FPV220 Brochure


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