Fire Alarm and Remote Monitoring System

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Dec 8, 2015 9:59:00 AM

Fire Alarm systems are very important when it comes to protecting property, personnel, and stock in the event of a fire.  Uncontrolled fire can obliterate an entire room within a few minutes and completely burn out a building in a couple hours.  If any people are in the building, smoke can overwhelm them quickly enough to kill them.  Therefore, it's essential that smoke and fire are detected quickly so the necessary evacuation can be carried out.

System Requirement

To prevent fire damage, the client needed a system that could give an early warning when it detected flames and smoke.  Once that information is received, it needed to be able to send the information to a controller and alarms situated throughout the building.  Since the building was split into zones, the information needed to be displayed on a durable industrial monitor.

System Implementation

To receive data form the smoke detectors, humidity sensors, and thermometers, the system integrator connected them to a 16 channel digital I/O, the ADAM-6052 which can be used to access sensor information either remotely or via Ethernet.   The UNO-2483G is a fanless highly ruggedized Embedded Automation Computer which includes iDoor technology.  The iDoor technology is a modular system which supports automation feature extensions such as industry fieldbus communication, Wi-Fi/3G, and digital I/O with a wide array of I/O ports including Gigabit Ethernet and Dual HDD/SSD.  The UNO-2483G is installed with WebAccess SCADA software.  

Going beyond SCADA, WebAccess is also a HTML5 Business Intelligent Dashboard which can be opened from anywhere on any HTML5 compatible browser.  The Business Intelligent Dashboard analyses data and helps managers make quick decisions and also provides developers the tools to design their own widgets and applications.  Included is a set of Excel templates so users can build their own reports to help predict the status of equipment.  Through HTML5, a limitless number of users, with varying access levels, are able to read information and make changes from wherever they are using either the Internet or the Intranet.   To view the information, the FPM-7211W Flat Panel Monitor was used.

The IP66 rated 21" FPM-7211W, with its 10 point projected captive touch wide screen display and industrial grade design was installed to give users access to a comprehensive view of the information being delivered via WebAccess.



By providing the customer with a complete fire alarm monitoring system, Advantech helped the client continuously observe the temperature and humidity of the building.  Advantech was chosen as the supplier, not only because of the competitive price but also because of the features and effectiveness of the proposed system.   The integration of Advantech remote I/O was able to easily be implemented and configured remotely without changing the entire architecture of the control system.  Add this to Advantech's innovative WebAccess software and the solution went above and beyond the customers' expectations.

Topics: Human Machine Interface, Embedded Automation Computers, Remote I/O

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