Floating Solar Power Facilities on the Horizon

Posted by Kari Grosser on Apr 23, 2017 4:45:00 PM

photovoltaic.jpgUtility-scale floating photovoltaic power facilities are one of the newest renewable energy ideas on the horizon. The island nation of Singapore is currently testing the economic and technical feasibility of these systems on inland bodies of water. In the future, these systems might also be feasible for offshore installations. These types of power facilities are of particular interest in Singapore and other areas with very high land costs.

The first phase of the project consists of 10 different types of floating structures and photovoltaic modules, each generating about 100kWp of power. The two best-performing systems will progress to Phase 2 in 2017 after a six-month evaluation period, where they will be expected to produce 10 times or more, 1MWp of power each.

"From a technical perspective, we looked into the performance, which is the yield, and how many kWp of solar electricity we get out of 10 different systems, which can then compare relative to each other," said Dr Thomas Reindl, Deputy CEO and Cluster Director for Solar Energy Systems at the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore.

All of these systems will require remote control and monitoring so they can operate unattended. Advantech provides a wide variety of applicable hardware and software products ideally suited to provide this functionality for these and other power plants, including remote operation management for PV Power Plants.

PV Plant operators and control center employees need to immediately understand the operating status of the power plant through handheld devices or PCs even though they are far from the PC farms. Advantech provides a real-time cross-platform (Windows/iOS/Android) remote operation management solution that enables timely control and maintenance of equipment enhancing the efficiency and safety of PV plants.

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