Four Steps of the Manufacturing Transformation

Posted by Kari Grosser on Jan 16, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Chaney Ho's, President of Advantech, Guide to Industry 4.0: Four-Steps of Manufacturing Transformation

  1. Full Automation: Since the time of Industry 3.0, there has been an emphasis on machinery automation. There are numerous industrial computers within the machines, recording data while the computer's function. There must be a capacity to keep these data in the computers, to be able to move to the next stage of Industry 4.0.

  2. Data Collection: The emphasis from "What is the equipment doing" has shifted to "What is the equipment trying to tell us". Therefore, the status of equipment, data from the process of production, and information of the environment in which the production is taking place, all needed to be collected. In the past, where manpower was needed to manually take number is no longer needed.

  3. Data Integration: According to data control MES systems, varied data collected from the machinery can be integrated, where factory stats can then be analyzed, calculated and displayed in real-time, and the processed data can be visualized. 

  4. Cloud Analysis: The data can be used for material predictions beforehand, and can even ensure a tighter collaboration between upstream and downstream vendors. Data scientists need to work together with specialists that have in-depth vertical working knowledge of the industry, in order to garner meaningful readings of the data. This is the hardest part, and may take 3-5 years before concrete results can be reached, and it globally what everyone is focused on developing now. 

Chaney has extensive industry experience working across product marketing and building global brands. He has also been lauded for his organizational management and business development know-how. Under his lead, Advantech has transformed into a provider of Industry 4.0 solutions.  

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