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Posted by Kari Grosser on Sep 19, 2018 9:45:00 AM


In the field of machine automation, the PCI bus has long been the first choice for card expansion interfaces but by comparison, a PCI Express has higher performance and a simpler I/O configuration while offering accurate real-time transmission and a layered structure. Advantech offers impeccable solutions in machine vision, motion control and data acquisition to meet the needs and improve the overall efficiency of various industries. 

Data Acquisition Solutions 

diagram1Gigabit Ethernet and IEEE 1394B I/O technologies require absolutely stable bandwidth and precise latency. The PCI Express interface reduces bandwidth issues and requires substantially less buffer memory than do traditional PCI interface cards. 

PCIE-1810 PCIE-1802-1
800 kHz, 12-bit, 16-ch PCI Expansion Multifunction Card 8/4-ch, 24-bit, 216 kHz Dynamic Signal Acquisition PCI Express Card

Machine Vision Solutions

diagram2Machine vision solutions require a combination of fast, high-resolution digital image capture in addition to high-performance PC processing and powerful image handling software to develop reliable systems. For PC-based solutions, the high data throughput of the PCI Express bus makes it the ideal choice for your application. 

PCIE-1174 PCIE-1674
4-port PCI Express Intelligent GigE Vision Frame Grabber 4-port PCI Express GigE Vision Frame Grabber

Motion Control Solution

diagram3The EtherCAT standard gives real-time and open functionality to machine automation, with PCIe EtherCAT master control cards providing higher transmission bandwidth as well as high-speed and high-precision trajectory control with greater stability. 

64-axis EtherCAT PCIE Master Card


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