GPU Server Solution Accelerates Automatic Wafer/LED Defect Inspection

Posted by Kari Grosser on May 25, 2017 10:45:00 AM


For high-tech electronic products that compromise micro components, manual visual inspections are no longer acceptable for defect detection. Consider a post-sawing LED wafer with up to 100 grain-sized dies, relying on human inspectors to detect defects would be time-consuming and inadequate. When fatigued, human inspectors are vulnerable to errors, misjudgments and unsteady hands, which make the manual removal of defective LED dies a potentially risky process. Consequently, automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems with robotic applications have been widely adopted for wafer inspection in an effort to increase assembly reliability, reduce personnel costs, improve quality and enhance competitiveness. Advantech's industrial GPU server solution comprises an ASMB-813 server board with HPC-7400 industrial server chassis embedded with three GPU cards. Designed for high-performance computing technologies, this GPU-based solution offers competitive hardware and software at a more economical cost.


  • High throughput of high-resolution image data
  • Multiple image inspections for detection accuracy
  • Competitive cost-effective performance
  • Compact built-in system


Although the performance of a traditional CPU-based hardware computing AOI system exceeds that of a GPU cluster-based software solution, the development and maintenance costs are substantially higher. A CPU-based hardware solution requires multiple PCs to process high-resolution image data from a single camera, whereas a GPU cluster-based solution, such as Advantech's ASMB-813 with HPC-7400 solution is capable of processing the same amount of data using only one PC and one GPU cluster.

Advantech's ASMB-813 with HPC-7400 system supports up to three 225W TDP GPU cards, accelerating visual computing for complex applications and yielding a high throughput of high-resolution data. To ensure reliable parallel computing performance, the system id equipped with a 700W single power supply and 1400W redundant power supply. The system also features three 8-cm, high performance, 8038 cooling fans to prevent thermal shutdown during AOI inspections.

 GPU Server.jpg


In the field of hi-tech manufacturing, speed and precision determine competitiveness. Because human inspectors cannot conduct precise and stringent assessments with quantifiable repeat ability, machine vision and motion control systems are essential to ensure consistent quality and operational efficiency. Advantech's industrial GPU server solution is designed to maximize convenience, competitiveness, and market service ability, and can be used to boost GPUs in a PC cluster system or integrated with hybrid system hardware. The benefits of this solution include a faster time-to-market, reduced development costs, high flexibility, and low maintenance costs, enhancing production efficiency for quality-focused manufacturers. Advantech's industrial GPU server solution delivers a compact system with great flexibility and diverse GPU card options that enables system integrators to develop unique applications.


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