Unlocking Visual Computing Power with Advantech's GPU Server

Posted by Kari Grosser on Mar 23, 2017 10:10:00 AM

Advantech's industrial 1U to 4U server solutions feature the latest multi-core computing technology. By offloading dense and complicated application code to the CPU, the GPU's massively parallel architecture can be leveraged to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. These servers deliver high-performance computing and are ideal performance-intensive applications that involve visualization, parallelization/acceleration and virtualization computing. Advantech comprehensive industrial GPU server series solutions accelerate visual computing in applications such as automated optical inspection (AOI), surveillance, video transcoding, cloud gaming and medical imaging. 

Application-Ready Visual Processing Solution

The acquisition, processing, analysis and rendering of visual information are data-intensive tasks. Advantech's industrial GPU server solution is designed to immediately deliver adequate processing power for even the most time-consuming applications. 

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Unique Friendly Design

  • Front & internal USB increase usability
  • Exclusive anti-vibration mechanism
  • Cable-less design increases thermal efficiency 
  • GTX side power connector supports varieties of GPU cards

Comprehensive GPU Server Solution

1U Rackmount System 2U Rackmount System 3U Rackmount/Tower System 4U Rackmount/Tower System
AGS-913 AGS-923 HPC-7320 HPC-7400
    ASMB-813 ASMB-923

Wide Range of GPU Cards Supported

Whether you are looking for assistance in completing an integration project, require in-depth expertise in building a system, or want to find a total GPU server solution with extended longevity, Advantech and partners will provide you the best GPU server solution in your specific region and market segment.

GPU cards supported.jpg

Advantech, in alliance with global first-tier GPU providers, provides the best support and service for industrial applications.

  • Trusted GPU Server Solutions
  • Leading-edge Technology
  • Design and Development Expertise
  • Long Lifecycle Support

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