Heading Towards Smart Factories Through Connected Equipment

Posted by Kari Grosser on Aug 29, 2016 11:00:00 AM


The era of Industry 4.0 is upon us and Advantech is dedicated to enabling this vision. To do so, we have an initiative which we named Smart Factory. Advantech enables network-connected iFactories and iMachinery to boost the transformation of smart manufacturing. To aid this process six solutions of a Smart Factory have been defined.

Machine Automation

Using the integration of machine vision and motion, Robotics and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) can reduce dependence on manpower, reach lean production and even unmanned production. The system includes:

  • Boards/system testing operations automation

  • Chassis factory translation robot arm

  • IC Automatic feeders (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic)

  • Field operations interactive platform (ESD, ESOP)

Machine Monitoring and Predicative Maintenance

Sensors can be used to constantly monitor essential production line equipment and the production status and data can be recorded and transmitted in real-time to the cloud for predictive maintenance analysis to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Equipment life cycle preventive maintenance system (big data analysis can be conducted by using frequency, time, temperature, oil pressure, parameters to provide preventive maintenance recommendations.)

Equipment Monitoring and Optimization

The production line allocates automatic detection systems such as AOL, ATE and visual detection equipment, which improves test efficiency and product quality.

  • Real-time monitoring for production efficiency, yield rate, quality and achievement rate of the production line

  • Equipment availability management

  • Intelligent production platform (SMT, DIP & Testing)

  • Stamping press equipment management system

MES Integration and Production Traceability

MES production decision system can collect dynamic production process information, optimize production allocation, achieve advanced manufacturing and trace the production process of products. Furthermore this production process information can be monitored remotely.

  • On-site production of electronic billboards

  • Abnormal warning system

  • Intelligent production planning

  • Field operations interactive platform

Factory Environment Monitoring

With IoT technology, the factory safety can be monitored for dust, gas, CO2, water and other hazardous material to optimize factory operation and ensure the quality of the factory environment.

  • Environmental quality monitoring and control system (air conditioning, lighting, power consumption)

  • Air compressor equipment and Heat recovery ventilation system

  • Renewable energy and natural gas energy monitoring system

Our Smart Factory solutions have been successfully applied to numerous environments including real-time CNC machine monitoring, manufacturing process control and monitoring and multi-factory and cross-system integration.

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