High Performance Controllers - Flexible, Expandable and Reliable

Posted by Kari Grosser on Feb 18, 2017 10:20:00 AM



Advantech's UNO-3000 series of industrial computers are renowned for their high performance and flexible expansion. The UNO-3283G models are configured with the newest Intel Core i7 processor, 8G DDR4 SODIMM (ECC available) memory, 6 x USB, up to three independent displays and PCIe/PCI/iDoor expansion. The abundant I/O ports and flexible exoansion makes it the ideal solution for machine automation. The UNO-3283G/3384G are evaluated to the UL/IEC-61010 standard and support boo mounting methods which makes them suitable for installing in harsh envionments. The UNO-3000 series have been designed to save you time and increase your flexibility and effieciency.


  • Hot-swap RTC Battery: Removable RTC battery saves time and cost by avoiding disassembing the working unit and shutting down the whole operation

  • Hot-swappable Storage: hot-swap HDD/SSD lets operators deploy software data or collect control data easily when maintaining working units without interruptions

  • Increased Speed: The UNO-3283G supports multiple mounting methods including stand, wall and enclosure mounts, further increasing their flexibility increasing their flexibility ro work in almost any locaton


  • Mounting: UNO-3283G supports multiple mounting methods including stand, wall, and enclosure mounts, furher increasing their flexxiblity to work in almost any location

  • Dual Digital Display: Flexible display options provide resolutions of up to 4K/2K and provide excellent image quality


  • Built-in Digital I/O: Built-in DI/DO control, status detection, lighting control and event triggering on order to sace extra costs and devices

  • iDoor Technology: Provides users with a host of additional modular I/O port optionas such as industrial fieldbus, wireless connectivity and PoE for smart cameras in production inspection applications

  • Captive Thumb Screw: Operators can work effieciently with captive thumb screws as a superior tools to strengthen swapping HSS, CFast & PCI and for maintaining storage and expansion devices

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