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Posted by Kari Grosser on Jan 8, 2019 10:30:00 AM

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pharm case study overviewThe pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated for obvious reasons. Above all, drug makers and associated manufacturers, such as pharmaceutical container makers, mush maintain strict quality controls to ensure the safety of their products, as any faulty products could adversely impact consumer health, to say nothing of severely damaging the image of the company at fault. As such, the industry is typically a relatively late adopter of any innovative technology unless the said technology is directly aimed at ensuring regulatory compliance. However, the power of IIoT-based asset management solutions to improve production line efficiency and reduce costs cannot be denied. Therefore, firms that fail to innovate put their competitiveness at a substantiation risk. 

Our producer of pharmaceutical packaging was experiencing the costs of outdated production processes firsthand. With four manufacturing sites to manage corporate headquarters found the remote process increasingly unsustainable. To resolve the issue, the manufacturer required a means of centralizing the management of all process visualization applications so that key adjustments could be performed remotely at its headquarters, thus saving on the firm's limited IT resources while still ensuring the required traceability and regulatory compliance. 

IIoT Innovation for Modern Pharmaceutical Product Manager

Among the various types of manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers may face the greatest requirements of all in terms of product quality and attention to detail. The drug packaging maker, for example, must adhere to strict FDA regulations aimed at ensuring consumer safety. Such regulations are critical, of course, but they have also made manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector slow to realize the potential of IIoT technologies for making process improvements to production line efficiency.

Fortunately, with smart production lines featuring IIoT-enabled solutions, manufacturers can store and access critical data in real time to better monitor production processes, ensuring both increased visibility and integration of information, which in turn leads to increased productivity while still ensuring product quality. In light of these advantages, the manufacturer turned to Advantech's expertise in the field to solve their critical asset management needs.  

Centralized Asset Management with Advantech's SRP-FPV240 ThinManager-Ready Solution

In this case, the manufacturer needed a technology solution that could centralize the management of its assets while streamlining data visualization. To this end, Advantech's SRP-FPV240 was developed based on thin client options that are fully compatible with Rockwell Automation's innovative ThinManager® software. Through seamless integration with an existing MES and ERP, ThinManager allows users to manage all server applications and monitoring sessions from a single interface. With multi-monitor support, virtual screens, shadowing, session scaling and screen tiling support, the software provides all the function required to customize the presentation and visualization of data from multiple sources. ThinManager's capabilities make Advantech's SRP-FPV240 an optimal platform for the building of scalable data management systems within smart factories. It streamlines thin client workflows and reduces hardware operations. SRP-FPV240 extends thin-client functionality and facilitates greater vertical integration through centralized management and plug-and-play support that improves reliability, security and maintenance effectiveness. 

In short, Advantech's ThinManager-Ready SRP-FPV240 provided the manufacturer with a range of important benefits. First, with centralized application management and deployment made possible at the company headquarters, the firm's limited IT resources are now better utilized. Second, this newly realized management capability also allows for the improved maintenance and validation of production processes while still ensuring the required traceability. Third, the thin client architecture of the SRP-FPV240 has greatly reduced the number of resources the firm must dedicate to the maintenance of its dashboard displays while still allowing these displays to show key production information throughout each plant and at the company headquarters. 

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems 

Given its critical role in the lives and health of consumers, the pharmaceutical industry faces greater scrutiny and stricter regulatory oversight than manufacturers in almost any other sector. These strict product quality requirements make the modern production lines of pharmaceutical manufacturers even more complex with their wide range of sophisticated hardware and software components. However, while such systems are necessarily complex, the solutions to production line problems don't have to be. With Advantech's state-of-the-art asset management solution, pharmaceutical industry manufacturers of all sorts can keep pace with the technology challenges of the present and ensure their competitiveness for the future. 

Product Solutions

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SRP-FPV240-AE SRP-FPV240-01 SRP-FPV240-02 SRP-FPV240-03 SRP-FPV240-04/05/06
AMD® Dual-Core T40E Small-size ThinClient HDMI*1, DP*1 Intel® Atom E3815 Pocket-size ThinClient HDMI*, USB*4 Intel® Celeron® J1900 Dual Monitor ThinClient VGA*1, HDMI*1 Intel® Celeron® J1900 21.5" Stainless IP69K Panel ThinClient Intel® Atom E3827 12.1"/15"/17" Panel ThinClient

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