Dashboards: Not Just for Your Car

Posted by Kari Grosser on Oct 13, 2016 10:15:00 AM

We use dashboard every day in a variety of ways. Every car or truck has one, and it shows us the most important information about our vehicle at a glance. Some newer dashboards allow drivers to drill down and find more specific information such as tire pressure.

Many of us have our PC home screens set up with our own custom dashboards indicating appointments, phone calls and other activities for the day. And the home screen on your smartphone or tablet is also a dashboard of sorts, and one that can be easily customized to provide you with what you consider to be important information such as time, date, weather conditioned, battery life, etc.

Dashboard.jpgBut did you know that many of your industrial automation systems also have dashboard capability? These dashboards are typically configured with the automation system's HMI/SCADA software. Information is drawn from a variety of sources including connected controllers, corporate computing platforms such as ERP systems and the Internet.

The HMI/SCADA software takes all of this information and more and makes it available at a glance. And like your smartphone or PC home screen, HMI/CADA software dashboards are customizable to meet the specific needs of each user.

But unlike either of these dashboards, HMI/SCADA software offers a very high degree of customization in terms of just how the information is presented, with options ranging from simple text to bar graphs, trend screens and more.

These dashboards can be viewed at the main HMI/SCADA software screen, and on any connected device including smartphones, tablets and laptops. No matter the viewing medium, all of the information you need can be presented at a glance.

Topics: Automation Software

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