Intelligent Factory Connectivity

Posted by Kari Grosser on Jul 18, 2018 10:30:00 AM


As manufacturing companies expand and leverage their scale and manufacturing capacity, one of the major challenges they face is to improve their operational efficiency. However, most plants have numerous complex systems that are critical for managing scheduling, production, inventory and quality data - especially if the company owns several factories in different cities, which complicates management. What is needed is an easy and effective approach to supervising each factory and sharing information across multiple sites. 

Key Features

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Full Integration High Flexibility User-Oriented
  • Multi-Protocol Integrations
  • Cross-System Management
  • Fast Network Communication
  • Easy Cable Deployment
  • Wired or Wireless Transmission
  • Upgrade-Ready
  • Reliable Redunancy
  • Free from PLC Reprogramming
  • Intuitive User Interface

By using Advantech's solution to realize cross-system integration, a unified interface, protocol conversion, real-time data collection and a visual monitoring platform, factory managers can actively ensure the delivery of quality products in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

Product Offerings

EKI-1222 series ADAM-6000 series EKI-5526 WebAccess_SCADA-2
Modbus RTU/TCP to EtherNet/IP and PROFINET Fieldbus Gateway Ethernet I/O, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET Modules Managed Ethernet Switches Web Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software
EKI-1242 Series ADAM-6000 Series EKI-5500/5600 Series WebAccess/SCADA


Topics: Industrial Communication, Automation Software, Remote I/O

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