Intelligent Office Building Monitoring System with Advantech WebAccess

Posted by Kari Grosser on Apr 21, 2016 11:00:00 AM


Intelligent office buildings are products of the information age; combining computers, telecommunications, control and architecture technologies. A multinational entrepreneur group was developing an office center in China with the goal of establishing a modern, advanced intelligent building. They were looking for a control system, access control, and parking management system, and turned to Advantech to help complete the solution.

System Requirements

The monitoring software needed to support the popular LonWorks Modbus bus standards, including; Modbus, SOAP, XML, HTTP and other communication protocols. It also needed to support the Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) protocol for intercommunication, and DDE, OPC, ODBC, SQL, API and other data access methods with excellent open and intercommunication capabilities.

The system needed to provide a friendly and convenient application development environment, facilitating easy planning, design, construction, maintenance and management. Its servers' operating platform needed to support Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, with an upper bus speed of 100 Mbps Ethernet to ensure high-speed operation. A multi-protocol intercommunication control system that could realize Internet openness and ensure decisiveness and integrity of real-time control was also required.

System Description

The system uses a distributed control system with two levels of network construction. The first level is Ethernet; the second level is the bus, that is, the data transmission network between internal control host and controllers inside all sub systems. These two levels of network share data within all sub systems through standard data interfaces opened by Advantech WebAccess, including ODBC, DDE, OPC, as well as Modbus and LonWorks bus protocols.

The IBMS system includes a building automotive control system, guard monitoring system, and access control and parking management system. Advantech's WebAccess solution provides an advanced network technology with stronger transmission calculation, higher real time accuracy and safer network control. Advantech WebAccess is based on the TCP/IP protocol, so no matter how complicated the network system is, or even across multiple network locations, it can achieve the field monitoring effect, and is unlimited by the network hardware medium, regardless whether it is a telephone line or fiber optic cable. It also provides accurate malfunction diagnosis for engineering maintenance. Since Advantech WebAccess network configuration software has remote diagnosis and maintenance functions, when the system fails, a field operator only needs to access to the Internet to solve system issues: they can finish diagnosis and maintenance within a very short amount of time. When a field alarm occurs, Advantech WebAccess will not only notify the operator through the display interface, but also through e-mail, messages and more. Furthermore, Advantech WebAccess displays real-time images in the video subsystem using network cameras and building monitoring interfaces on the same monitoring screen, allowing operators to see real time field images.


Advantech WebAccess is integrated in this case to ensure all devices work safely and reliably. It also helps to increase energy saving. With Advantech's stable and reliable building automation control system, the office can operate more efficiently.

Project Implementation

 Product  Specification
 Advantech WebAccess  Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software

System Diagram


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