IoT Wireless I/O Connects Things Directly to Internet

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Aug 3, 2015 11:00:00 AM

WISEYou probably use wireless more and more in your everyday life, from Wi-Fi hotspots to smartphones to home-based wireless networks.  Now, wireless is making inroads into industrial applications with millions of wireless nodes deployed and reliably delivering actionable information to those who need it to make quick decisions.

But, many wireless systems require gateways to transmit information from where it's gathered to a base station, often via proprietary networks.  This increases the cost of industrial wireless installations and also adds complexity.

A simpler solution is to simply connect a wireless Ethernet I/O module directly to a wireless Ethernet network and from there to the Internet to create a true Internet of Things system.

Advantech's new WISE-4000 I/O modules work in this manner.  With direct connectivity to Ethernet wireless networks without the need for an intervening gateway or access point.   Each module also has built-in web server capability so it can be accessed via any web browser.  Multiple levels of security are provided (WPA2, SSL, and three levels of user login), along with an interchangeable antenna for greater network connection flexibility.

WISE-4000 Modules

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