Jet on the Fly - Dispensing Application utilizing Advantech's Solution Ready Package

Posted by Kari Grosser on Mar 18, 2017 11:10:00 AM

Project: High Speed Jet on the Fly

State-of-the-Art Technology in Dispensing

Position Based Spacing Control.jpgHigh-speed Jet on the Fly technology takes dispensing applications to a new level that features both accuracy and flexibility. Position-based spacing control provides high accuracy dispensing. The dispense head is programmed to jet the exact amount of fluid in precisely the correct place and provides consistent dot dispensing even on uneven substrate. Additionally, it dispenses a set number of dots for a particular line at high dispense speeds.

Key features include the precision dispense control and the trigger signal control. The precision dispensing control will remain consistent and unaffected by any changes in the velocity and maintains consistent dot dispensing through the accurate trigger signal control.

Jet on the Fly vs Stop and Capture

Instead of stopping to move between dispensing points, the dispense head maintains a continuous speed and direction throughout the process.

Jet by Position (Innovation) vs Jet by Velocity (Traditional)

Jet by Velocity (Traditional): Jet by Velocity is decided by the interval between dots by changing the velocity in predefined paths. Traditional fluid dispensing methods are hampered by velocity, acceleration and deceleration. Glue can then overflow when decelerating on the corners.

Jet on the Fly: Jet on the Fly allows for jetting without stop when both X and Y are in the predefined positions. This produces a measured shot of small dots and thin lines onto the work surface for arbitrary trajectory.

velocity vs position.jpgThe glue can be precisely controlled to dispense dots or continuous beads of fluid. This results in no over glue. It eliminates the effect of velocity, acceleration and deceleration to save time and increase UPH. The result is faster dispensing without compromising quality.

Advantech's PC-Based Motion Control Solutions for Dispensing

  • PCI-1203: 2-port 6-axis EtherCAT Universal PCI Master Cars
  • PCI-1245: 4-axis DSP-based SoftMotion Controller
  • PCI-1265: 6-axis DSP-based SoftMotion Controller
  • PCI-1285: 8-axis DSP-based SoftMotion Controller

Benefits of Advantech's PCI Cards:

  • API functionality
  • Compatible with Pulse and EtherCat
  • Flexibility for various scenarios
  • Powerful SoftMotion kernal


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