Key Advantages of WebAccess 8.2

Posted by Kari Grosser on Dec 10, 2016 10:45:00 AM


Advantech WebAccess 8.2 is a 100% web-based SCADA software solution that also serves as an IIoT platform by providing open interfaces for developing IoT applications aimed at various vertical markets.WebAccess provides various types of services such as data communication, data synchronization, IoT administration, and multi-project maintenance in the cloud architecture.

Key Advantages

Data Communication

In WebAccess/Cloud, large amounts of device data are uploaded to the cloud via the MQTT web socket protocol also supports the local and cloud devices to communicate back and forth.

Data Synchronization

To advance our goal of being customer-centered WebAccess/Cloud provides a data synchronization service called "Plug and Play" are designed to synchronize the data configuration between local and cloud devices.

Data Visualization

Using the WebAccess Dashboard, the cloud projects' tag values can be displayed to users in real-time with dynamically updated graphics.

IoT Administration

WebAccess Node-RED provides the visual tool for managing the Internet of Things. It is convenient for users to maintain or process the WebAccess cloud project by wiring the function node together.

Multi-project Maintenance

To speed up customers' project maintenance time and reduce managerial resources, multiple projects can execute the maintenance concurrently in WebAccess.


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