Laundroid - Robots doing your laundry?

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Nov 12, 2015 11:38:00 AM

Along with ironing, folding laundry has to be one of the most tedious tasks that we do and for many hotel staff and professional laundry services, this is what they get paid to do.  But now, along with many other types of service industry, this too is soon to become automated.

Laundroid is the first laundry folding robot in the world and although it won't be available for a few more years this demonstration at CEATEC shows, albeit in a pixelated fashion, demonstrates how the machine works.  As with all pixelaed films, these mosaics are designed to hide the most interesting bits but it's fair to say that it involves lots of arms moving around before the garment is delivered from the chute below.  At present, there's still some way to go before shirts are pristine and sharp and the Laundroid can't yet manage socks.  

It may take a few more years but it's fair to say that Laundry Worker can be added to the list of jobs which will soon be automated.

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