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Posted by Kari Grosser on Apr 30, 2018 9:45:00 AM

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Predictive and preventive machine maintenance has become indispensable parts of Industry 4.0. Machine condition monitoring (MCM) systems upgrade consumable and damage replacement practices, as well as periodic maintenance activities, to preventive maintenance, or even predictive maintenance. This prevents situations in which machines are halted without warning for parts replacement, which causes additional overhead. 

The MCM system visualizes machine status, enabling instantaneous monitoring over the life of key components in the machines. Massive volumes of data are recorded in order to analyze and optimize the production line and minimize machine shutdowns, hence maximizing production efficiency and simultaneously increasing machine safety and reducing the costs of equipment maintenance. 

WebAccess/MCM Machine Condition Monitoring Software

WebAccess/MCM is Machine Condition Monitoring software that provides easy sensor signal acquisition, signal analysis, feature extraction, data management and interpretation and sends alerts. Engineers of system integrators can configure settings to meet the needs of different applications.

Programming is not required for WebAccess/MCM in which a simple setup page is configured for data processing and interfaces are provided for user-defined inspection and analytic conditions. The system issues warnings and records data when any warning limit is exceeded. 

This software solution effectively and substantially reduces the R&D resources invested, improves automation levels, saves human resource costs and delivers a visual display of equipment. 

What is WebAccess/MCM 

How to Set Up WebAccess/MCM


Oscilloscope Mode

When beginning to implement a measurement system, the user needs to verify and observe the sensor signal. The scope helps users analyze signals and provides oscilloscope-like functions, including cursor measurement tools, trigger capture functions, automatic measurements of amplitudes, frequencies, average values, and peak-to-peak values, as well as real-time display of time-domain data and spectrograms. 

Intelligent Inspection Mode

This mode provides an easy way to develop an inspection system for a production line. Wizard guides are provided for easy setup, along with customized algorithms for optimizing signals and data analysis. The system also outputs signals to ling other equipment to the SCADA/PLC system as monitoring nodes and generates inspection reports.

Condition Monitoring Mode

Provides plenty of algorithms for signal processing and data analysis to convert large amounts of data into useful information. Through the data management function, data in uploaded to an IIoT cloud. With MCM, the user can realize real-time online condition monitoring, predict key component lifespan, minimize shutdowns and increase productivity. 

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