Machine Condition Monitoring for a Distribution Center

Posted by Kari Grosser on Oct 31, 2016 10:00:00 AM


A distribution center used a conveyor belt system to transport a wide variety of products to appropriate locations. When all went well, products were delivered, stored and shipped back out with minimum trouble. But a breakdown in any of the motors running the conveyor belts could interfere with operations and cause unacceptable shipping delays. The distribution center decided to use remote monitoring and decision analytics where and when, preventative maintenance could keep small problems from ballooning into major disruptions.


One of Advantech B&B SmartWorx's vaule-addedd resellers solved the problem with Advantech B&B SmartWorx's Wzzard Sensor Platform and decision analytics. They placed current, vibration and temperature sensors on each of the motors and connected the sensors to the Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes. The Intelligent Edge Nodes used SmartMesh IP mesh networking to report sensor data to the Spectre Network Gateway, which can connect to analytics applications via wired or cellular networks. The entire system was wireless, so there was no need to clutter the distribution center with a lot of new cabling.

The analytics application monitored the incoming data and compared it to previous reports. Increases in motor temperature, vibration or current use are all indications that a motor's condition is deteriorating, and the anayltics application was therefore able to call for maintenance long before any of the motors failed completely.

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Information provided by Advantech B&B SmartWorx.

Topics: Industrial Communication

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