Machine Vision Application Ready Computing Platform

Posted by Kari Grosser on Oct 3, 2018 9:50:00 AM

Machine Vision Application

videoAdvantech's AIIS series are closely aligned with Machine Automation applications such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and Wafer and Alignment Inspection which heavily rely on machine vision. With PoE/USB 3.0 vision and rich I/O interface, the AIIS series are characterized with performance computing and low power consumption, intelligent management, and extended product longevity. The AIIS series save on space and make installation economical and easy - perfect for vision inspection applications and with the latest Intel® Core processors, Advantech delivers state-of-art computing and graphics performance. 

Product Features



diagram01As production costs and time to market pressure keeps increasing, manufacturers are compelled to adopt ever more automated equipment to replace traditional workers and manual processes. Automated visual inspection equipment is one of the more widely applied examples at present. Our customer needed a simple and convenient way to develop inspection equipment for high speed production that would help manufacturers improve efficiency. Tire tread failure/limitation inspection process ensures product quality and safety. 

diagram02Awareness of food safety has been mushrooming recently with consumers paying more attention to ingredients, places of origin, and other details when they purchase foodstuffs. Clear and accurate labeling applied to beverage/food during processing facilitates consumers making informed choices as well as purchase behavior. The food industry has implemented automated production for many years, with well-evolved procedures for filling, labeling and shipping. A current challenge for system integrators involved helping assist food manufacturers with the rapid checking of trademarks and labels on existing, high-speed, automated production lines.  

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ruggedized machine vision system


high performance machine vision system


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