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Posted by Kari Grosser on May 3, 2018 9:40:00 AM

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Advantech's cutting edge technology enhances production line efficiency through seamless data acquisition and visualization. 

Since 2009, a leading manufacturer in Indonesia has been providing key solutions to corporate partners from around the world, from Sweden and the US to Japan and Malaysia. With areas of expertise including machine design, material selection, and process design, the company provides its clients with best-in-class solutions to maximize the efficiency and value of their own products and operations. 

As this young company strives to grow its reputation and competitiveness still further, it has to have only the best from its own suppliers. So, when they needed equipment monitoring solutions to further bolster the output of its production line processes, the company knew exactly where to turn. With assistance from Advantech's best-in-class equipment monitoring technology, the leading manufacturer found a number of simple solutions to their needs, ramping up their production line efficiency through seamless data acquisition and visualization using every innovation available to maximize the value and efficiency of their production lines. At the same time, the realities of global competition require manufacturers' budgets to be as lean as possible, leaving only limited funding for infrastructure investments. Considering these constraints, an effective equipment monitoring system must be sufficiently compact and flexible to allow installation in diverse factory environments and to support a wide range of machinery and equipment. 

remote control cost-effective data accessibilityFortunately, Advantech offered all the needed solutions, as well as the expertise to combine them into a single package offering tremendous functionality and maximum versatility. Specifically, Advantech supplied its iFactory SRP-FEC210 CODESYS solution-ready platform, EKI-5526I unmanaged switches, ADAM-4571 and ADAM-4571L data gateways to provide a platform solution that was easy to develop, configure and deploy. Using the same platform, cost-effective monitoring systems could be quickly deployed for use in a wide range of factory environments. 

Flexible Functionality for the Future

Advantech's iFactory SRP-FEC210 is a complete application-ready platform that includes a high-performance Intel ATOM multi-core processor, fanless DIN-rail compact form factor, Windows 7 Professional and Embedded Systems, and CODESYS control runtime and visualization software. By allowing users to easily achieve an open control solution, the SRP-FEC210 enables real-time PLC or PLC/Softmotion control with flexible Fieldbus options such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/RTU, in addition to providing data visualization in parallel on different HMI clients. The EKI-5526I provides 16 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports with memory buffers that support store-and-forward mechanism, ensuring that all data is properly transmitted. The switch has a redundant power supply to prevent data loss should the first power input fail, as well as current overload protection to prevent damage. 

Advantech's ADAM-4570 and ADAM-4571L are fast and cost-effective data gateways between serial and Ethernet interfaces that also provide remote management and data accessibility to RS-232/422/485 devices. The maximum transmission speed of the units is 230 kbps, ensuring high-speed data exchanges, and the devices also come with a Windows utility, allowing them to be easily configured without further programming. In addition to ensuring that current hardware investments are protected, these reliable units also ensure protocol conversion is transparent, all existing devices could be seamlessly integrated within an Ethernet network. As such, the units could be used for various applications and purposes, including security systems, factory automation, transportation and more. 

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

For growing precision parts and furnace manufacturers, Advantech's intelligent automation solutions provide unparalleled development convenience and efficiency by integrating wireless hardware with powerful software, reducing system complexity and streamlining installation. Modern production lines rely on complex operations involving multiple computers and industrial machines and while such operations are necessarily highly complex, production line systems and solutions don't have to be. By providing a fully integrated software/hardware package, Advantech enabled one of Indonesia's leading precision parts and furnace manufacturers to quickly modernize their facilities in order to increase productivity, maximize profitability and remain competitive in the global marketplace of tomorrow. 

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