Modular Panel Platforms for All Industrial Needs

Posted by Kari Grosser on Oct 15, 2018 10:30:00 AM

When faced with the rapid market changes brought about by Industry 4.0, basic product provision is not enough; instead, solutions to specific problems must be developed. Stand-alone display modules and box modules can be easily integrated into versatile touch panel computers to serve as control panels, industrial this clients, and industrial monitors and web terminals for diverse applications. Modular panel platforms benefit customers by enabling wide product offerings and supporting the flexible creation of new business models. Customers can assemble comprehensive portfolios that promptly address the needs of end users. Additionally, platforms with a modular design enable more easy, rapid, and comprehensive customization. 


Stand-alone display modules combined with box modules offer a range of flexible platforms that can be adapted to diverse field applications. 

Rapid Customization

Platforms can be rapidly customized and configured according to usage requirements. The time and cost savings provided by Advantech platforms facilitate rapid development in keeping with market trends. 

Easy Maintenance

For system maintenance, the box modules can be removed and any defective modules detached and sent for repair. There is no need to unmount the entire platform. 


The modular platform design allows customers to more easily and economically conduct upgrades. Customers can simply detach and replace the existing module with a new advanced module. 


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