Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Networking System

Posted by Kari Grosser on Apr 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM


The municipal sewage treatment in Tianjin, China is currently one of the biggest sewage treatment plants in China. Not only is the layout well designed, but many of the systems and processing techniques are the most advanced in the county, with various techno-economic indicators reaching the highest level in China. This plant has applied state-of-the-art Advantech industrial communication products, which can realize the communication between the lower level controllers in each system so as to ensure real-time communication between control systems, monitoring data and the central room.

System Requirements

When looking to establish a reliable communication ring within their network infrastructure the Tianjin Capital Environment Protection Group needed switches with strong industrial designs capable of heavy use in their hazardous environment, and products with EMC indicators that conformed to a high industrial grade standard. They also wanted devices using standard 35 mm DIN-rail mounts so as to ensure the device can be directly installed in control cabinet.

System Description

This system applies state-of-the-art fiber optic Ethernet ring technology, which appropriately combines lower level devices with central control room. The system uses Advantech's EKI-7559MI to constitute an X-Ring - Advantech's ultra-fast redundant ring. The main path in the ring is used as a forward-path; when the Ring Master is set, a backup path is generated. If any link in the ring is broken, the Ethernet ring will activate the backup path automatically (within 10ms) to ensure normal communication. The industrial designed EKI-7559MI combined with a stable and reliable redundancy mechanism, guarantees the safety and stability of the whole communication system.

Project Implementation

Products  Specifications
Advantech WebAccess Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software

8 + 2 Multi-mode Fiber Optic Managed Redundant Ethernet Switch


In conclusion, Advantech's EKI series solution optimized redundancy within a fiber optic Ethernet ring. It also provides excellent management methods and easily upgradeable firmware.

System Diagram



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