Our Friends Electric?

Posted by Kari Grosser on Sep 23, 2016 10:15:00 AM

Lifeless electric snakes swimming in the sea, ready to strike at a whim at whoever enters the water are the things of horror films. At a primordial level they get into our very psyche. If the sea makes you both scared and respectful, then slithering things lurking deep in the dark with glowing eyes will make you run for the shore as quickly as possible. 

Electric_Snake.jpgNow, a Norwegian company has put their dastardly Viking seafaring heritage to good use by building electric eels for the inspection, maintenance and repair of sub sea related objects. Eelume has launched a series of underwater electric eels which remain on standby for on-demand or scheduled inspection cycles.

As their website demonstrates, traditional ROVs require a surface supply which is an expensive cost. These new Eelumes don't require a support vessel and are able to roam unheeded through confined areas with increased flexibility and reach performing inspection and light intervention jobs such as the adjustment of valves.

Fortunately, because these snakes are being used on the seabed, there's very little chance that unsuspecting swimmers will come into contact with them.

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