Smart I/O with Web Server Capability

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Apr 16, 2015 2:30:00 PM

banner-1-2By now, you've heard lots about the Internet of Things (IoT), much of it more concept than reality.  But, as an industrial automation engineer, you know all practical IoT applications start with sensors connected to input modules and with these modules connected to the Internet.  To provide this functionality, consider smart I/O modules with built-in web server capability.

Each of these modules has an integrated web server providing a web page interface os there's no need to use a configuration tool to setup the module.  The web server conforms to the HTML5 standard, meaning its web pages are easily viewable from any smartphone or tablet.   All that's needed for configuration and viewing is an Internet connection from each module or one Internet connection from a group of interconnected modules and any device capable of running a web browser.

And, these modules provide added functionality in addition to web server capability as each is able to perform on-board control using its built-in control logic engine.   This allows implementation of distributed control schemes to improve performance, increase reliability, and offload central controllers.

IoT I/O Modules

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