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Posted by Kari Grosser on Jul 13, 2017 10:05:00 AM

What is DAQNavi

daqnavi.jpgDAQNavi is Advantech's next-generation driver package for programmers to develop their applications using Advantech's data acquisition and I/O devices. This free software package offers device drivers and complete SDKs, including libraries, example code, documentation (such as a manual and tutorial videos) and a utility.

Why DAQNavi?

Shortened Development Time

Development time is the most important issue for any programmer, and it is even more essential to DAQ application developers, who are usually under great pressure to complete their work on time. To help programmers quickly develop their applications DAQNavi was designed. It is based on a component-style architecture which can lead to code re-use. The special intuitive wizard also helps programmers save their programming time, by offering numerous application templates and example codes for reference. All of these features have on single target - to enable programmers to speed up their job. 

Guaranteed Execution Performance in a Multi-Thread and Multi-Core Environment

PC technology has advanced so much and s quickly, that multi-core CPUs and a multi-thread environment have become common place. One software technology called thread-safe has become important in preventing system instability and resource conflicts under multi-core and multi-thread conditions. It is extremely important for DAQ application development. Without this consideration, you DAQ program may cause a system crash (e.g. blue-screen) or unexpected acquisition problems. DAQNavi has built thread-safe mechanism into its design, so programmers don't need to do it by themselves.

Supports Multiple Programming Languages

There are many programming languages that are currently being used by developers around the world. So for Advantech. being s DAQ solution provider, it is important to enable quickly to start work using their favorite programming tool. It is more important that DAQNavi can contribute to the programming migration between different programming languages without being concerned about the differences between programming languages. 

Works in Multiple Operating Systems

For most developers, programming on a different operating system is always a big challenge because they need to consider many software issues. Even experienced programmers may suffer from an increase in development time to overcome differences between operating systems. DAQNavi's software design helps programmers easily migrate their DAQ application between different OS's.

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