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Posted by Kari Grosser on Apr 4, 2016 10:34:00 AM

IndusMachine_Automation.jpgtry 4.0 has become a mega trend in the Automation industry. To stay competitive in Industry 4.0, Advantech offers the world's leading turnkey HMI Bundle Solution.

This year, the Open HMI & Control Solution Division in IIoT Sector is providing suites of ARP to customers leading the way of Industry 4.0. 

Not familiar with ARP? ARP stands for Application Ready Platform. In other words, Advantech is now offering Hardware/Software Bundled platforms, a trusted and validated ready solution.

Our three ready solutions include: 

  • WebAccess - an Open HMI solution, to acquire/display on-time operation information in OT layer
  • WebAccess/SCADA - a key cross OT to IT layer, transfer OT data to the cloud for MES/ERP in Smart Factory
  • CODESYS - a real time control solution in OT layer, the mainstream of PC-based Softlogic control in Machine Automation

Advantech has multiple solutions aimed at the Industry 4.0 transformation including machine monitoring & predictive maintenance solution, production equipment monitoring control solution, and MES integration & production trace ability solution.

Machine Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Solution
  • Collect real-time data of machine dynamic status
    • Protocol gateway for big data acquisition in distributed I/O system which includes frequency, time, temperature, oil, and pressure parameters
  • Increase the flexibility of field operation
    • Visualized HMI providing preventative maintenance recommendations and flexibility to on-time, on-site reparative operations

Benefits of Machine Monitoring & predictive Maintenance Solutions include increased productivity & reduced costs, reduced costs from unexpected errors by real-time machinery information monitoring for preventative maintenance, and easy operation by visualized HMI to avoid mistakes.

Production Equipment Monitoring & Control Solution
  • Communication bridge between multiple systems
    • Embedded gateway for protocol and data exchange to achieve real-time monitoring on sensors, machines and production equipment
  • All-connected Production Management
    • Every thin client HMI terminal, gateway and remote device is used for efficiency, equipment availability, yield rate/quality, and achieve rate management on SMT, DIP & testing and stand press processes

Benefits of Production Equipment Monitoring & Control Solutions include the ability to do more for automatic detecting systems, the ability to gather all the big data, and advanced management by integration detecting information.

MES Integration & Production Traceability Solution
  • Provide accessible field-site production information to factory central management system
    • Field-site HMI connection to remote SCADA server across OT/IT field via Ethernet translate local data to managerial message for MES/ERP analysis

Benefits of MES Integration & Production Traceability Solution include optimizing the production allocation, flexible production plan by advanced manufacturing management, and reduced maintenance effort by remote monitoring system.

We have also designed a worry-free process! From application to services, we offer the best price. No longer worry about validation, software activation, logistics, or technical support. 

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