Robust Embedded PC for a Variety of Power and Energy Applications

Posted by Kari Grosser on Mar 16, 2017 10:15:00 AM

Photo_ECU-4784.jpgAdvantech's powerful TUV certified ECU-4784 Embedded PC has been specifically designed to meet the critical requirements of power automation. IEC-61850-3 and IEEE1613 certifications demonstrate the ECU-4784's suitability for electrical power communication protocol conversion, intelligent remote data analysis, network communication security and comprehensive monitoring application, which provides higher reliability and stability, especially suitable for global power automation, energy automation and harsh environments.

Key Features

IEC 61850-3 Certification: Products with IEC-61850-3 Certification meet the smart substation's station and bay level.

Time Synchronization Functionality with IRIG-B: IRIG-B is an important time synchronization mode that ensure efficient and reliable communication between power automation systems.

2500VAC Isolation with Serial Port: Isolation ports so there is no need to be concerned about differences in voltage.

Ethernet Redundancy: Ethernet redundancy ensures communication is maintained if one Ethernet port fails thereby avoiding loss of data.

Easy Diagnosis and Software Security Protection: iCD Manager provides real time communication status monitoring function to get diagnosis information when connectivity exceptions occur to enhance maintenance efficiency and ensure the system operates smoothly.

Flexible Module Expansion: I/O expansion modules are specifically designed for the ECU-4784 rack-mount automation computer. There are multiple I/O cards such as - serial cards, fiber cards, IRIG-B cards and Gigabyte Ethernet cards - for different data applications.

Robust Design: Fanless and Dual Power Design: The fanless power design ensures that dust particles aren't drawn into the system and that if one power source fails the devices will continue working.

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