Advantech Launches New Entry Level Multifunction PCIE DAQ Card

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Feb 4, 2014 11:22:36 AM

pcie1810Advantech introduces an affordable PCIe bus analog and digital I/O multifunction DAQ card, the PCIE-1810. With 16 channels of single ended or 8 channels of differential analog input, 2 channels of differential analog output, and 24 channels of user configurable digital input or output, this card delivers performance for a wide range of economic DAQ solutions.

The analog inputs offer 12 bit resolution and acquisition rates up to 800 KS/s on a single channel. Sampling analog data at high frequencies provides a more representative sample yielding better analysis such as smoother waveforms using Advantech’s free DAQNavi utility software. The free driver software supporting .NET®, LabVIEW®, and other popular programming environments also supports important analog input features on the card such as start trigger.

The two analog output channels are 12 bit with output frequency rates to 500 KS/s per channel. The auto waveform generation feature allows for simple configuration of precisely dimensioned waveform types and the ‘ring’ feature allows continuous repetition of an output data buffer. The 24 digital channels may be user configured as input or output, and function as TTL at 5 VDC. Combined with the power of Advantech’s freely downloadable DAQNavi utility software with powerful navigation, configuration, and visualization tools, as well as datalogging and drivers for the most popular programming environments, the PCIE-1810 is a DAQ solution waiting for your application.Additional Information

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