Advantech's 2014 WebAccess+ World Partner Conference

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Dec 3, 2014 11:03:41 AM

conferenceAdvantech held its WebAccess+ World Partner Conference November 13th through the 15th, 2014. Over 150 worldwide partners joined this three-day conference; the theme of which was "Embracing the Big Trends of IoT & Industry 4.0". Representatives from IBM and Microsoft and other vertical market professionals were the keynote speakers and shared their vision of the next big trends and business opportunities. During this conference, 34 partners from 20 different countries signed up for WebAccess+ cooperation LOI (Letter of Intent) with Advantech. In the near future, Advantech and our partners will have a further cooperation for the IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions.

The first day of Advantech's World Partner Conference (WPC) kicked off with speeches from the great and the good of Advantech's hierarchy and a guest speaker from the NSF IMS center at the University of Cincinnati. The theme of embracing the IoT/Industry 4.0 trends was carried through each of the presentations; where in quick succession, each of the speakers outlined their vision for the future of the IoT.

Chaney Ho, Advantech President, outlined his vision for partnerships in the era of Smart Cities and IoT trends with an overview of security, big data, enhanced manufacturing and produced his vision for the future. Also, introduced was the use of Advantech manufactured intelligent robots and AGVs (Automated Guides Vehicles) and WebAccess and their part in traceability of manufactured products so that the entire product line can be monitored.

Next up was Advantech's CEO, KC Liu, who gave his interpretation of how to catch the wave of the IoT/Industry 4.0 and apply it to smart cities and intelligent factories. Web IoT Solutions Embedded (WISE) systems operate on three layers: sensors, base station, and edge computers and Advantech devices fit into these layers. He then went on to talk about the WebAccess+ alliance which will work with system integrators to invest in vertical solutions and provide simplified collaboration and joint ventures for SaaS (System as a Service) and Advantech Corporate Investment (ACI), which will provide external growth apps, global manufacturing and automation and business incubation.

Albert Huang, VP of IAG, discussed business success using WebAccess, the Advantech IoT software framework, and how that product will be used to increase benefits to system integrators and it is these businesses that IAG are actively targeting and trying to help build their business.

That was all very interesting in a corporate kind-of-way, but the speech from Jay Lee, Director at the NSF IMS Center at the University of Cincinnati, was a change of pace and lead the way for the remaining days' speeches. Industrial Big Data Analytic, Cyber Physical Systems, and Industry 4.0 for Future Manufacturing were an explanation of how the hypothetical can become the practical and how it can be used to save companies money. In essence, this was an outline of how leading edge sensors can be removed from the lab and used to watch small changes in components in industry and how these small changes can produce graphs that tell engineers when a component needs to be adjusted, repaired, or changes. For example, by continuously monitoring the components in an aircraft and feeding that information into the cloud, mechanics and engineers no longer have to wait until their part breaks before they change it, they can do this during a scheduled service. This "invisible" bit of maintenance saves flight delays and thereby giving customers' one less reason to complain.

Throughout the remaining time, there were a wide range of speeches geared up to inform the guests about such topics as Trends for Video, the new generation of industrial camera, reliable transportation communication, and many more.

Once again, the WPC proved to be a great success.

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