Advantech's ADAM Remote I/O Modules: Small Devices for Big Applications

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Aug 8, 2014 3:28:55 PM

top_remote_2Advantech's ADAM Remote I/O Modules have been a consistent and reliable figure in the industrial automation field for over 20 years. Although the core functions have remained relatively unchanged, Advantech's research & development teams have been constantly analyzing and improving the ADAM series with applied technology more advanced than its competitors. From the early RS-485 based ADAM-4000 series to the more recent Ethernet-based ADAM-6000 I/O series, Advantech has been developing technology ahead of the curve with advanced networking technologies.

Whether dealing with large or small systems, Advantech's ADAM Remote I/O Modules can usually be found embedded somewhere as an integral keystone. These I/O modules support much larger interconnected systems with reliable functions and strong features. Advantech has sold well over one million of these ADAM modules.Download Brochure

Topics: Automation Controllers, Product News, Data Acquisition, Remote I/O

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