Automation for Distributed Energy Resources

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Sep 8, 2014 10:59:38 AM

peThe power generation market is changing dramatically, moving from large coal-fired and nuclear base stations each generating gigawatts of electricity from a single site to distributed energy resources (DERs). These DERs include solar, wind and geothermal. Also in DER mix are plants fired with natural gas, and with bio waste and other unconventional fuels.

The generation capacity for each DER can be as low as a few thousand kilowatts, so the automation system must be able to scale down to fit. Advantech provides a wide range of such systems, economically accommodating DERs with even just a few score of I/O points, while retaining the ability to scale up as required. Even with its smallest systems, Advantech includes critical features such as a wide range of connectivity options, high reliability and a wide range of I/O types.

Topics: Useful Hints, Power & Energy

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