Charlie Makes his Own Chocolate

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Aug 5, 2014 10:45:00 AM

Chocolate-1Candy manufacturers around the world have been opening their doors to the sweet toothed and curious for years. Did Roald Dahl give them the idea? But whilst these are great fun, they have often lacked an interactive element that today’s children crave.

Well now Hershey’s Chocolate World, at the candy manufacturers office in Pennsylvania, have designed a Create Your Own Candy Bar attraction where guests can design their own chocolate bar.

At the entrance to the exhibit, guests place their order through a touch-screen where they can customize all aspects of their chocolate bar. First, they name it, so they can follow its progress on the LED displays besides each station and then they can design their own packaging. The second process is to choose the chocolate bar itself, whether they want a white, milk or dark base. They then go onto select up to three toppings which are rotated to give returning customers even greater choice and include vanilla chips, chocolate cookie bits, almond pieces, graham cracker bits and pretzel bits. Once filled, the bar is coated with a chocolate topping before going into the cooling chamber and wrapped in their customized packing to be collected by the eager.

Throughout this process customers can track their order by either walking alongside the production process where they can watch the picking of the bar, the filling of the ingredients, the chocolate coating, the transparent cooling room or they can watch their name on a large suspended screen which counts down the number of minutes until their bar can be collected.

The system is controlled through the use integrated motion systems with controllers, multi-axis servo drives and servomotors which provide an all-in-one solution for multi-disciplines without needing “additional robot and safety controllers, software and special custom-function blocks that are typically needed when incorporating a robot into an application.

The order process itself is controlled through bespoke software which takes the guests name and assigns a barcode so the bar is tracked all the way through the process.

Now children of all ages can create their very own chocolate bar and improve on the combinations that the professionals spend years creating.

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