Factory Automation

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Sep 2, 2014 4:04:04 PM

The automation of factories has changed significantly over the years. From the first punch
card to the earliest car factories, manufacturers have been looking at getting their
products made better, cheaper, and faster.
Whenever humans are involved in making things on a mass scale,
errors will occur and as machinery is automated these mistakes are a
lot less frequent.
Automated manufacturing refers to the application of automation to produce
things in a factory way. Most of the advantages of the automation technology
has its influence in the manufacture process.
The main advantages of automated manufacturing is that it has higher
consistency and quality, reduced lead times, simplified production, reduced
handling, improved work flow, and increased worker morale.
Industrial automation deals with the optimization of energy-efficient drive
systems by precise measurement and control technologies. Now-a-days,
energy efficiency in industrial processes are becoming more and more relevant
and information technology, together with industrial machinery and processes
can assist in the design, implementation, and monitoring of control systems in an
energy efficient manner. One example of an industrial control system is a
programmable logic controller (PLC). PLCs are specialized hardened computers
frequently used to synchronize the flow of inputs from physical sensors and
events with the flow of outputs to actuators and events.
Human Machine Interface (HMI) are usually employed to communicate with PLCs and other
computers and service personnel.
There are many examples of machine automation such as injection molding,
automatic tube bending, winding machines, and machine vision. The future of
factory automation is changing and it will only become more automated leading
to fully automated unmanned machines.
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