How to use the Cloud Securely

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Aug 20, 2014 3:13:07 PM

cloudCloud use grows daily in both commercial and industrial applications, but industry often has more stringent security requirements. One way to address security challenges is to use a private or hybrid cloud instead of the public cloud.

The public cloud is the lowest cost option, but it’s the least secure as your information is accessible to anyone with the right login credentials. For example, Gmail makes use of the public cloud and there’s not much to stop anyone from accessing your account if they have your address and password.

A private cloud is typically hosted at a user’s facility and as such can be highly secure. Access can be limited not only by login credentials, but also by the specific login device. For example, only PCs, tablets and smartphones registered as authorized users would be allowed access. Further security can be provided by granting access to only those PCs connected to the local plant network, either directly of via a VPN. Wireless devices can be electronically fenced such that access is prohibited outside of the plant area.

A hybrid cloud is usually located offsite, but is dedicated to use by a single plant or company. As such, access can also be tightly controlled, although not quite to the extent of a private cloud. But, the hybrid cloud is generally a less expensive option than a private cloud, and is often a good compromise, providing an often acceptable level of security at a reasonable expense.

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